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Defyne Benefits Assessment

Is your employee benefit plan working for your business?

Are your plans compliant with regulations and required notices and filings?

Defyne Benefit Assessment is a comprehensive review of your benefits program that…

  • Takes inventory of all your benefit programs and coverage offerings
  • Reviews required notices, filings and documents for compliance
  • Assesses healthcare spend (provides cost saving guidance)

While this process is intended to define the components of an employer-sponsored health plan and assess the success and compliance of the current program, we substituted the “Y” for the “i” in Defyne so as to emphasize the WHY of the employer plan. Without asking the bigger WHY questions (such as “why do you as an employer provide this plan and certain coverage levels?” and “why is this plan’s success important to your organization and its people?”), how can an employer truly assess if their objectives are being successfully achieved? After determining the WHY and establishing goals/objectives, our Defyne process will…

Discover — Review of plan documents—forms and filings, claims data and reports, vendor contracts, etc.

Evaluate — Summarize historical expenses, program objectives and results, and on-going risks/exposures

Fix — Propose solutions

Y (WHY?) — Determine the WHY(s)

Notice — Create strategic plan and track results

Educate — Provide targeted communications and reports (analytics and care management)

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