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Captive Arrangements

A partially self-funded plan option designed for small to mid-size employers and/or employers transitioning from a fully-insured arrangement.

Group captives give employers a way to further reduce the risks associated with high-dollar claims. By becoming a part of a larger pool of like-minded employers—working to control health plan costs—an employer can ease the risks that have historically prevented them from financing their health plan via a partially self-funded arrangement.

  • Small claims covered by employer.

  • Moderate claims covered by group captive.

  • Large claims covered by insurance.

Short-term Savings
Save money on insurance rates, decrease your state taxes and better manage risk.
Long-term Savings
Increase savings with value-based benefits reduced claims and employee health incentives.
Limited Risk
Captive provides a larger data pool, best-in-class risk control efforts and shock absorption for large claims.
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