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How D2E Works

Whether you think it is important to:

Gain commercial market share by developing provider sponsored direct to employer networks

Or defend your markets where competitor-sponsored narrow networks with clinical integration and value-based payments now occur,

D2E is your tactical advantage.

In a D2E Health Plan, employers steer members to preferred hospitals and physicians based on plan design. This plan design excludes competitive hospitals and physicians. This drives incremental hospital revenue and grows market share for the D2E Provider System.

We have been building and successfully managing D2E networks since 1995. We can assist you in evaluating the benefits of developing a D2E network. It is typically a three to five tier network that begins with the core provider sponsored network which is a high quality low cost provider, and it expands to Affiliate Centers of Excellence Provider Partners. Out of area providers are provided by a Wrap Network for remote members or when members travel outside the primary service area. Consociate Health contracts with providers at all levels of the narrow network.

In addition to building the D2E Narrow Network, Consociate Health provides self-funded employers a complete plan replacement to access the D2E Network. Employers who access the network have multiple plan options for partially self-funded employers with groups greater than 10 employees. These plans include Regular Self-funded plans, Captive Plan Options and Minimum Premium Funding Options.

The High Performance Health Plans include Population Health Management, Biometric Screening, Pharmacy Benefit Administration (PBA), Product Branding, Sales Channel Development, In-Market Sales and award winning Data Analytics and Data Integration.

If you have an interest in learning more about how Consociate Health can assist you in exploring D2E options, please contact us today.

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Vice President of Network and Business Development
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