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Ethics Policy

Consociate Health is committed to serving as a resource for policyholders on consultative clients by helping our Agents and Associates honor the public trust and to discharge their responsibilities with competence, diligence and with the highest sense of integrity.Trust is the foundation of all insurance and consulting business. As the representative of the industry, producers and consultants are the primary personal contact a client has with our company. Producers and consultants earn each client’s trust and confidence by conveying and demonstrating a strong commitment to business ethics.The producer and consultant continue to be an important part of the face of the insurance industry and will continue to influence consumer perceptions that affect ethical behavior and the regulation of that ethical behavior. We all have a responsibility to preserve this opportunity for future generations of producers and consultants and fulfill our obligations to our clients by working within the guidelines established by state or federal regulators to ensure professionalism and integrity among the men and women who work within our industry.

The public decided long ago that insurance regulation — fair, firm, honest insurance regulation — was in everybody’s interest. The job of protecting consumers and preserving a competitive marketplace was delegated to the states (Public Law 15 – McCarran Ferguson Act), which allows for each state to regulate their states’ business. It is important that we remain mindful of all the state or federal regulations affecting the insurance and financial services. No single industry is exempt from regulation.

Consociate Health recognizes the importance regulation has on our industry and the direct impact it has on producers and consultants. We encourage all of our producers and consultants to subscribe to these principles:

1. To conduct business according to high standards of honesty and fairness and to render that service to its customers which, in the same circumstances, it would apply to or demand for themselves.

2. To be competent, of good character, have appropriate education and qualifications and customer-focused business practices.

3. To engage in active and fair competition by the use of relevant, factually accurate information.

4. To use advertising and sales materials that are clear as to purpose and honest and fair as to content by the use of meaningful tools, such as a “buyer’s guide” and “disclosure” forms.

Every producer and consultant has a legal and ethical obligation to the industry and to their client. Consociate Health continues to provide its producers and consultants with tools and resources to achieve a high level of respect and professionalism within the industry.

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