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What is a TPA?

Occasionally, there is confusion in the marketplace about what a TPA does.

TPA stands for Third Party Administration—which means that we are a third party that administers employee benefit programs, including health insurance, from outside companies on behalf of employers.

In fact, Consociate Health partners with consultants and employers of all sizes as a trusted advisor to deliver innovative employee benefit programs, healthcare plan administration, consulting, and wellness initiatives.

As a licensed claims administrator, we provide administrative services for employer-sponsored health plans including enrollment and termination of plan participants. We also maintain plan records including tracking the status of claims as well as process claims.

We communicate with plan participants, authorized appointees, and health care providers. We maintain all patient information and other protected health care information in the strictest confidence.

The Plan Sponsor maintains current plan eligibility and records, and makes final decisions on doubtful or disputed claims.

To learn more about our unique cost containment strategies and award-winning standards for accuracy and service, contact us today.

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